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标题: [招聘] 【上海】招聘游戏音效 [打印本页]

作者: amily    时间: 2014-2-20 13:48     标题: 【上海】招聘游戏音效

Sound Designer

Design, create and finalize audio assets including sound effects and music for our game titles

•        Musical proficiency, capability of creating various genres of audio tracks
•        College degree in related field preferred
•        Minimum 2 years experience in audio creation and production in the video game industry
•        Familiar with audio production workstations like Digidesign Protools or others

•        Good English skills
•        Passion in games
作者: A9异形    时间: 2014-2-20 16:15

不是相关专业出生的行么 - -

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