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标题: [资源分享] DC粉丝福利---莎木Shenmue Undub---终于推出了---附下载 [打印本页]

作者: 三井    时间: 2013-11-26 20:58     标题: DC粉丝福利---莎木Shenmue Undub---终于推出了---附下载


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:D 原来不止我一个不知道楼主放的是什么东西
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估计说的是这个吧:D ~ ... --revivedc-release/

Shenmue Undub

To use the undub mod choose either Game Mode or Shenmue Mode in the options menu!

I started the undub project in February and it is now November. I am glad that I have finally completed this project.
Hope you enjoy it!

The Japanese version of Shenmue uses many different files from the PAL/EUR version. A lot of files are
missing/different/incompatible between both of the versions. The FREE Speech is the bulk of incompatible files. The
cinematics have less incompatible files except for disc 3.

I had to compile 3 different scripts for this mod:
One for FREE Speech, one for the compatible cinematics, and one for the incompatible cinematics.
This mod uses the (speech) .str from JP, and the (subtitles) .srf from PAL/EUR.

Cinematics: JP Speech/ENG Subs
FREE Speech: JP Speech/ENG Subs
NPCs are silent when missing/different/incompatible speech files are used.

This mod is for 80min cd-r's and based off of the PAL build of Shenmue. Allowing save files to transfer over to
Shenmue 2 PAL. Nothing is removed or downsampled in this release. Space Harrier and Hang-On are included. The Coca-Cola
vending machine textures have also been added.

Special thanks:
SiZiOUS, DTE-NG, Shenmue Translation Project - Afs/ translation tools
comradesnarky - Disk optimization
Illducci - info about Shenmue files
Iron, XIAOPANG, Wude, Sakura - Coca-Cola vending machine textures
FamilyGuy - Binhack32
Captain Dreamcast - info about CDDA
Adam Koralik, Dreamcast-Talk, Shenmue Dojo, TiZ, ReviveDC

(Artwork fans - no NTSC-U white cover for this release. There was never a 4-disc one, and I couldn’t picture it
being anything but hideous. -comradesnarky)

Like the game? Thank the people who worked on it by clicking their names below and leave a comment!
Crack and undub by: SMiTH
Disc sort and art by: comradesnarky
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